Looking for answers? Just ask!

Why is your business called HODYO Design?

I wanted a cool two word name starting with an H and following up with a D, like most of my previous business names.

And? Tell me more!

I played Dungeons & Dragons a lot when I was young, a fantasy tabletop role-playing game created in 1974 by TSR.

HODYO is a red dragon in the Lancedragon universe, a novel series also created by TSR. HODYO Design sounded interesting and unique; I like it.

Where do you live?

In Brussels, Belgium.

Why did you stop blogging?

After 11 years spent behind my computer seven days a week, I got bored.

Do you work as a DIYer full-time?

I bought a 5 story townhouse at the end of 2017 and started remodeling it full time since then, so yes, I work and improve my skills 7 days a week!

Why did you start your own Youtube channel?

Having watched hundreds and hundreds of other makers videos, I just thought I could do some videos myself, and voilà!

Do you make a living from it?

Not at all! May be I should post more videos!

How big is your current shop?

My previous shop was SMALL! 10.3 sqm, or 111 sqft! Half the size of a US one car garage!

But I moved for a much bigger one (roughly 45 sqm, or 484 sqft) in January 2018. It is located not far away from where I live, so I consider myself as a lucky guy!