Townhouse Renovation – Pallet Wall – The Attic (Part 2)

I recently finished the build of a pallet wood wall in the Attic, which is now fully finished.

I wanted to know if it was worth it to use pallet wood to build a wood wall: as we all know, pallet wood is free, as long as you know where to find used pallets in good condition.

Well, now I know! This project took me way over 50 hours to complete: three trips to collect around 60 pallets, 20 hours to disassemble the pallets and prepare the materials, 20 hours to build the wall itself and around 9 hours to whitewash and finish it!

I do have many boards left that I will use for upcoming projects, so I could have spent less time on the preparation of the materials. But still, prepping pallet wood is very time consuming, and unless you are on a very tight budget, I recommend using materials that will require much less work, like siding boards or unfinished hardwood floor. Actually, it all depends on how you value your time and the level of equipment of your workshop. It also depends on the type of wood wall you want to build: I obviously went for a pretty complicated design.

Anyway, I’m super happy with the result and I learned a lot of do’s and don’ts during the process.

The wall looks exactly like I pictured it. It’s beautiful and gives an elegant touch to the room.

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