Townhouse Renovation – Ep.2 – The Attic (Part 1)

I’ve been working for a while renovating the attic of my Brussels Townhouse, which is located on the 5th level of the house.

I still have the door wall to finish, but I made some progress!

Installing a new angled door gave me hard times! It worked fine, eventually, but I spent way too much time on installing the door, and then fixing my mistakes. Not to mention the new line I had to run for the new light switch location.

By far the most complicated part of the attic makeover.

I was impressed by the vinyl flooring Berry Alloc PureClick 40. I bought it mostly for its small thickness (5mm) and its quality. It doesn’t sound hollow like laminate and it is super easy to install. I didn’t have to use any flooring underlayment as the subfloor was dead flat. Very happy so far.

Also, I highly recommend the scraper that I bought during the renovation of the attic (Bahco 625). I’ve been using it all the time since then.

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