3 Position Belt Sander Stand

I really needed a stand for my belt sander, so I built one on the go.

After several mistakes and lots of cuts, I eventually managed to make one that served me well already!

Not so happy though with the removable part for the upright position: an adjustable top that can tilt to 45° would be more versatile. May be later…

Anyway, I had fun building this stand, and I hope you’ll find this video inspirational.

Music: Stay Around by THBD

3 thoughts on “3 Position Belt Sander Stand

  1. Diogo Reply

    I love the end result because form and function are present. So many shop projects on youtube skip on form and focus exclusively on function, other times furniture looks alright and it’s just plywood glued and screwed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Olivier Reply

    Hello. Very good job. It gives me ideas, I have the same machine. What are the dimensions of your base? What thickness of plywood did you use?

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