MFT Style Assembly/Outfeed/workbench Tables

I’ve been using my Festool MFT3 table as an outfeed/assembly table since I moved in my new workshop. This set up was temporarily though, and I recently decided to think about a more permanent solution.

So I ordered a couple MFT3 replacement slabs made of MDF from a local cabinet maker (same size as the Festool one), and I built a mobile outfeed table with storage, using some reclaimed kitchen cabinets and an old countertop.

As I had plenty cabinets left, I decided to build a second MFT style table, and use it as my new mobile assembly table/workbench in the back of my shop.

I’m very pleased with how these tables came out and I plan to use them for many years to come!

The aluminium profiles I used can be found here.

Music: Chase Your Dreams by Nicolai Heidlas

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