Miter Saw Station Made of IKEA Cabinets – Part 2

I finally completed the build of my dream miter saw station made of IKEA cabinets! I released a new video that focuses on:

  1. The build of handles for the existing drawers and for the base cabinet doors.
  2. The build of two extension wings including eight extra drawers.
  3. The installation of an under upper cabinets LED strip.
  4. The build of stop blocks.
  5. How to add zero clearance rear inserts on the miter saw fence and get the extension wing fences aligned with the inserts.

No need to say that after six weeks of work, I’m very happy with how the project turned out!

At around 800€, not including the miter saw, I realize that this project is not for everyone, but I hope it will inspire some of readers with your their own projects!

Here is where I buy my T-Tracks.


Music: Home by VexentoTHBD

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