Mobile Table Saw Stand for my DeWalt DW745

When I set up my first workshop last year, I quickly realized that using my Dewalt DW745 table saw on the floor was far form ideal, so I quickly built a mobile stand for it, so that I can use the table saw more easily, and then store it along a wall once I’m done with it!

I built this mobile table saw stand with no plan, as usual, and I made a couple mistakes along the way!

Since then, I moved my workshop to a much bigger space, but as I don’t plan to replace my table saw anytime soon, I decided to fix the stand and make it right!

In this video, I won’t show you how I built this mobile stand, but how I fixed it (which hopefully will provide some inspiration to build your own)!

The stand features a folding outfeed table and a left folding extention wing. It is only 9 cm (3 1/2″) wider and deeper than the top of the table saw (with both wing and outfeed table folded), making it perfect for amy maker who has to deal with a small workshop!

It was entirely made from scrap plywood and melamine boards. And if I’m not very proud of how I built it (I’m not a woodworker), I’m actually really proud of how it eventually turned out!


Music: Classic Ride by Nicolai Heidlas

3 thoughts on “Mobile Table Saw Stand for my DeWalt DW745

  1. Col Reply

    Excellent job. ill follow this guide and see if i can include the overhead dust collection with a second pipe and allow the bottom pipe to stay connected when the leaf is down

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